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Medilepo Icing EI_101

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Medilepo Icing EI-101

│ Description │

ICING, What is Icing?
Any kind of physical activity, even light exercise such as walking, can cause minute damage to muscle tissue. After exercising, the body's core temperature rises. Yet, the recommended temperature for optimum recovery is 36~37°C, our normal body temperature.
Icing is used during that time to cool and contract the affected area back to its normal temperature.
Icing contracts blood vessels and decreases oxygen supply to the affected area therefore minimizing any damage.

ICING, Why do it?
After icing, the treated area will come back down to its normal temperature and normalize blood circulation.
As a result, normalized blood flow will help remove body toxins and prevent further damage as rapid blood flow promotes swelling.
Icing technique is remarkably effective for muscular pain, joint damage, bruises, and other minor injuries.

│ Function │

Icing Effectiveness, Fluid mix technology, and comfort design.
Product's cooling fluid does not harden after hours of freezing and reamains flexible enough to adjust to the affected area.
Recommended time to ice an affected area is 10~20minutes and our product remains cold for that time.
Due to body heat, our product will heat up safely and provide no longer of frostbite.
Our product contains a safe, digestible glycerin polymer gel(kind used for plastic surgery and other medical treatments) and contains no chemical stimulates.
Special fabric used for icing treatment.
For maximum skin protection, we use spandex nylon fabric not lower quality poly fabrics.
Supplemented with neoprene nylon fabric to keep an effective cooling action.
Uses a neoprene fabric cover to remain elasticity, wearability and stability.

│ Feature │


No necessary to make ice cube
use after freezing immediately
flexible enough to adjust to the affected area.

No problem with condensation
No problem flowing water and wet

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Medilepo Icing EI_101

Medilepo Icing EI_101

Medilepo Icing EI_101

Medilepo Icing EI_101

Medilepo Icing EI_101